Chamber Vault

March 2018 Bingo Nights to raise money for our local Schools.  This is an event that we have 2 to 3 times a year.

These Bingo nights focus on our adults living in the Mead area, we use these events to invite our businesses to meet and mingle with our local residents while having a good time without the kiddos.

One of our members offered a Conceal Carry Class for our local residents and for our Mead area businesses. This was another great opportunity for our businesses members to interact and meet other members and residents.

The Mead Motorhead Event is a great way for the chamber to serve food and meet community members in Mead.

The Taste of Mead has slowly evolved into a vendor event for our local businesses to share, sell and meet with our local community.  At the same time this event has a Corn Hole Tournament that continues to grow and encourage the community to see what our businesses have to offer.

Our Annual Golf Tournament is one of the many events we have to offer for our business members to come together, network and have some fun.

This event was to promote our Corn Hole Tournaments, have our business members meet local residents, and for our members to promote their businesses by using unique advertisements on our corn hole boards.

We have multiple trivia contest to promote our business members and to interact with our local community.  We also use these events to raise funds for our local schools.

The Mead Sugar Beet and Community Days is a great event that we host our biggest corn hole tournament for our members to advertise and participate in this great tournaments at one of the biggest events that our Town of Mead has to offer.

This night we offer a very large sum of money to the Mead High School Athletic department.  The money comes from our members who pay sponsorship fees to advertise on the high school sports schedules. This is another great example where our members are helping the local schools while advertising their businesses.

The Christmas tree raffle and Christmas Lights Parade is another huge event that the chamber participates in to raise funds for our local giving tree and for our members to advertise to our community by selling raffle tickets and having a float in the parade.

Our Annual Dinner is the event we put on to thank our members for all they do for the Mead Area and for our chamber.  If it was not for them the community would not be where it is today.

Our “Are YOU smarter than a Mead Student? Trivia Night had to be cancelled.  Stay tuned for another one in the future!

Smarter than a Mead Student flyer