Vision:  To help facilitate the growth and development of the Mead area, while protecting and preserving its charm.  The mission of the MACC is to assist stakeholders in the community; supporting organizations that serve the Mead area by promoting the visibility, credibility and profitability of its members.

In an effort to better aid the stakeholder, the MACC has restructured the benefits and services it offers.  The business world as we know it is always evolving, so too must the organizations and groups that serve them.  With this knowledge and understanding in mind the Mead Area Chamber of Commerce has determined that the time has come to implement changes of their own, in an effort to better serve the community and those involved in it.

The Chamber is interested in adding additional Board members.  As the Chamber grows and reorganizes members are encouraged to become involved in the inner workings of the MACC.  In addition to joining the Board, the Chamber also has other opportunities for member involvement, such as special event committee members or volunteering.

As a member of the Chamber you have a stake in not only the success of the Chamber and its events, but also in promoting the local community.  Being actively involved in the Chamber is an excellent way to help establish new benefits, implement new events and programs, while supporting the local community.  To learn more about joining the Chamber board, special event committees, or volunteering, please contact us.